They say knowledge is power. Well you'll become pretty powerful when you understand how to take your body measurements.

These numbers simplifies selecting the size you require.

Having your body measurements to hand, allows for a much more satisfying experience when shopping online.

And will forever, lower the potential risk of disappointment once an item has arrived not just from us, but from any clothing label you choose to shop from online.


With a metric tape measure- stand in front a long mirror. And with your back straight, with good posture, take these measurements. Use our guide below, to understand which of your bootylicious bits, you have to measure :) 

Hun don't breathe in or suck in your belly. This will give incorrect numbers. Stay relaxed

Unlike other clothing brands- 🌴Bancroft doesn't use size terms like 12, 16 , Small, or Plus to refer to the sizes of our garments.

We opt out of these terms because, in the clothing industry, 'a standard/ average waist, bust or hip size' is a myth.

This is a myth because there isn't a monolith sizing chart, in which a clothing brands are required to work from.  

Every clothing brand has it's own size chart. Consisting of body measurements of their choosing. 

Brands dictate what will be the standard AKA the smallest set of body measurements their garment will be made in. And what will be the largest size.  

This is the reason why, you find your size differs when you shop from brand to brand....store to store.

The truth is, only the numbers which make up your body, are what matter when you select a size.

Your unique body measurements makes you- a size YOU. Like say, a barcode.

That's a perfect way to think of them. Your set of numbers makes up your personal barcode.

We want to end vanity sizing. So we leave marginalizing and standardizing women to other brands. 🌴Bancroft categorized sizing by delicious, juicy sumptuous fruits, found on the island of Barbados.

Currently we have one size- Luscious Coconut. This size will fit + complement a range of body measurements.

Once you have used the guide above to take your measurements, note them down.

Then look below to understand if your unique bust, waist and hip number, drops you into Luscious Coconut.