The Clartiy Box Top is soooo close to being ready to be purchased.

However, there is still a long list of tasks for Shantell to complete before The Clarity Box Top is ready to be relased in the online store.

Which include:

  • purchasing fabric care labels
  • sewing brand garment labels
  • purchasing a little more fabric
  • sewing more samples
  • deciding on inner packaging
  • sourcing outter packaging
  • taking product shots, flats / on model

We have opened a waitlist for peeps who are interested in The Clarity Oversized Box Top, in 1 or more of the 4 delicous moods. 

Periodically, Shantell is sharing the decisons, process of designing and making the collection on YouTube.

Many hurdles have stood, and continue to stand in the way of Shantell bringing this collection of moods to you.

She has also shared thoes painful hurdles- and the new directions thoese hurdles have lead her to take with the collection.

However, inspite of everything....with slow going- the small steping stones + little wins have added up to Shantell completing the design of The Clarity Box Top in 4 delicious moods - in soft, light weight viscose jersey. 

The moods are:

  • Breadfruit.
  • Black Rock.
  • 'My Mona' in Black Rock.
  • Light Conch

( black rock + breadfruit are what we have affectionately chosen to name colours black and white)

womens oversized luxury tops shantell bancroft

 womens luxury oversized tops womens luxury oversized tops

We love this print of 'Mona' Caribbean Queen!! 

Shantell designed The Clartiy Box Top to bring you as much comfort, ease, joy and versitility, as a box top can. 

Here are a couple benefits.

A wide rounded neckline to give you the option to wear this as an off the shoulder top- 80's style!! Hmmmmm...nothing like a bit of sexy shoulder!

waitlist the clarity blox top womens oversized box top
Not just oversized for cozy-ness, but designed longer in the body, so the hem line drops to the top of your thigh and just over  the top of your bum babe...  
Cut on the bias, there is more fabric in the body. A design detail to allow the jersey to form gentle gathers at the front and back for a sophisticated lookThis cut also flatters boobs and waistlines which are big or small.
The jersey is viscous- not only is the jersey lightweight... but it's supa dupa soft to the touch for a luxurious look and feel. ***Aaaaaaa!!
womens luxury oversized tops
The colour palette / print (moods) have been carefully selected to:
  • 1# provide versitility. To make it easier for you to have a top in a mood which helps you express your values, express your joy or express your uniforn
  • 2#  give you convenience. To make mixing, matching and complimenting with a variety of colours in your wardrobe - EFFORTLESS!!!

On release day, each of the 4 moods will available in limited quantities. 
Getting a top from the online store on release day is not guaranteed- unless you are on our Moody Waitlist. We are prioritizing tops to peeps on this list.
Get yourself on the moody waitlist to make sure you don't miss out on the moods you wanna own. 
womens oversized luxury tops clarity top waitlist
As a special Moody Waitlist Peep, you will also receive these special perks:
  • Book a styling Zoom call - to chat about your favorite mood. Ask questions, get any top modeled for you
  • Get 50% OFF fabric sample swatches, of your fav moods from the online store
  • And!!! Be one of the first 100 peeps to join the waitlist + purchase - you will receive a FREEE gift with purchase!!  
womens luxury oversized tops waitlist for the clarity box top