womens luxury oversized tops viscose jersey

Here's the science bit- a soft touch triggers the release of the feel good hormone- Oxycontin.

🌴Bancroft boxy tops apply the softest touch to skin and coziest comfort to the body.

We have journeyed to the four corners of the Cosmo, to find the softest stretch fabrics, that are the most breathable, and have the most luxurious look + feel. 

Viscose jersey - our's has a beautiful soft sheen. Loves bodies of all bootylicious shapes and sizes. Light weight. Minimal transparency. Looks fab on camera. 

Recycled Polyester Jersey- a very close match to viscous jersey. Is light weight- tho feels a fraction heavier to our viscose.

Also has minimal transparency, also hearts all bodies. Sustainably printed in the UK, no harmful dyes to skin. Is resistant to mildew and creasing. Has UV protective properties. Phenomenal at crowd work. 

OEKO- TEX- our recycled polyester is certified:

  • certificate imgGlobal Recycled Standard (GRS)
  • certificate imgOeko Tex Standard 100 for dyeing
  • certificate imgOeko-Tex Standard 100 Ink

Setting The Mood -

🌴Bancroft believes colour is the easiest, most powerful tool of self expression. And which colour you choose to adorn, is a strong signal to others that you, are in a mood.

In the product descriptions, you will notice the term- MOOD: used to refer to the colour/print options available in a style. That is why.

A versatile colour/ print palette:

We think crafting your mood should not put you in a bad one.

🌴Bancroft has selected a colour pallet to provide convenience, versatility and ease to styling.

Capsule colours, soft tonals, rich print illustrations,  have been used to make mixing, matching and collaborating your existing wardrobe with 🌴Bancroft an effortless, and happy experience.

Naming of our colourways:

🌴Bancroft affectionately names colour/pint options after things and places found in Barbados.

Our colour culture:

  • Breadfruit-  bright white
  • Black Rock- black
  • 'My Mona' in Black Rock- this is the print option, in black