luxury ladies oversized boxy tops shantell bancroftIf you dig oversized boxy tops, then you done already know how awesome-sauce they are.
Womenswear Designer Shantell Bancroft, was inspired to design a small collection of her own.
Her's be so soft. Soooooo, supa dupa, bombasticly comfortable.
Designed sooo thoughtfully for what women experience and struggle with, that her boxy tops are a puuurfect fit for the entrepreneur who is transitioning into the roll of  'the face' of her brand.
🌴Bancroft will be there for you Miss Entrepreneur...with the comfy stuff to make you feel fun, feel deliciously organized and look razor sharp.
🌴Bancroft will be there with the soft things to support you hun, as you navigate, wide eyed, the specif, the surprising and the stupid issues and that come along with this vulnerable position in your growing business.
With thoughtful hemlines 🌴Bancroft will literally have your back, bum and thighs babe, as you constantly decide, then un-decide your mind, on how you wanna to present yourself off and online.
When you see fit to show up, speak up, stand out, for your brand,🌴Bancroft will hold you down with the statement prints to KO your hatters and hypnotize your fans.x