The Headscarf Class

Can't tie a headscarf for shit??

Thats because you're coming at tying all wrong.

Forget the fancy, show stopping styles.

Instead come at tying a headscarf, by thinking  'basic'. Thinking 'functional'. Thinking 'easy peasy'.

Start re-learning how to tie, with the easiest headscarf style in the WOOOORLD!!

In the Headscarf Class you'll learn The Cinnamon Roll style.  Its cute, quick and basic.

You'll learn how to do this style slowly. Each step will be explained clearly.

You'll learn tools you need to stabilise and secure scarf from a confident experience tie-er.

Relax. Nobody could mess up tying the Cinnamon Roll. It's fool proof.

You won't bungle this one.

Have some fun with class. Give the style a whirl before you judge yourself again.

You'll need 8 mins, a large scarf and a mirror.

Pay what you want for The Headscarf Class.


15 ways to knot a  stretchy boxy top styling  workshop shantell bancoft


....and you want the boxy top you plan on wearing, to hang on you a little different this time?

To look a little more unique.... you know in a cute way. Nothing over the top, just fun enough to help your personality shine brighter in a crowd.

And do a fantaboulos job of complimenting your bootilicious body?

But the knots......sigh... you can't get the knots to look right??

Learn you how to make them look right in our styling workshop. You'll learn 15 simple, doable techniques to knot, and tuck a stretchy boxy top. Join the waitlist.



Would you describe yourself as smart??

Hey Shantell here, sooo would you?

Assuming you said 'Yes'... but are you smart with wearing colour?

If your not sure which way to lean on this question our monthly newsletter Get Smarter With Weaing Colour-  might be right for you.

Our newsletter is written for modern Women entrepreneurs- out here in these online streets...trying to figure out how to build an, engaged audience who pay attention to their voice, service, product.

The newsletter teaches women how to do just that. How to win the attention of fickle audiences.

When filming video to promote their work, how to hold and direct the attention of the viewer.

When hosting an industry event , mingling with their peers, appearing on a video podcast or TV -how to influence attention spans and lower distraction.

The newsletter does this, by teaching women entrepreneurs- the psychology of colour.

How colour effects attention and how to use colour to their advantage whenever they get dressed to speak to audiences they wanna win.

How to effectively style themselves in the POWER Colours.

Coz colours are powerfully associated with emotions.

Authority, trust, serenity, intelligence- all have associated colours. Worn right, combined with the business marketing strategies you're already implementing....colour can help you fast track establishing know, like and trust.

Which as you probably already know ,are the emotions people must to feel for you, before they choose to become a follower, a subscriber to your content.

Before they become fanatical about your brand. Before they feel happy to purchase what it is you have to sell.

Along side these techniques- The newsletter teaches women why they struggle to nail down their unique personal style. Coz not nailing it, can be a real bummer.

Especially if you really wanna dress better, but have no idea - where you are going wrong. And where best to start, so you can successfully turn things around. And become proud of your style.

We've set up a waitlist for women who are interested in receiving our newsletter. JOIN THE WAITLIST BELOW